• Stylish Maglev Washing Machine by Jakub Lekes

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    I’d be lying if I said I care only about performance and not looks when it comes to household appliances. I mean, who wouldn’t want a stylish looking washing machine? The concept Maglev Washing Machine designed by Jakub Lekes is sure to bowl you over with its looks and features. The traditional spinning drum is replaced by a spherical drum held in place by a series of electromagnets in the Maglev. One set of electromagnets keeps the drum levitating within the body of the machine, while a second set induces movement, allowing the drum to spin in all directions. A lot of noise is reduced as the drum never actually contacts the body. The design also cuts water and detergent usage.

    A stylish machine, I hope we don’t have to wait till 2022 to watch this concept machine materialize.

    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on September 30, 2009

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