• Streamlined Irons book showing a history of steam irons

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    Have you noticed how the old is coming back to life? The nostalgic essences of our bygone, stress-free, environment loving days of the early 90s seem to suddenly be sprouting in some modernistic manner or the other? Well, this is an addition to all that jazz. This is a book called Streamlined Irons published by steam iron collector Jay Raymond
    who put in around 300 color photos of irons from the streamlined 1930s and ’40s. It also includes 30 of the very earliest electric irons made in North America with dates going back to 1890 and 1915.

    The book also contains four essays including a concise history of electric irons in the US, two essays on the subject of streamlining and a history of the first entrepreneur to produce an electric iron in the US, Charles E. Carpenter. For a book collector, this is quite interesting.

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