• SpringTime designs solar-powered ice-cream carts for IJs&Zopie and Odenwald Organics

  • The sun is a known and sworn enemy of ice-creams and has always been one of the causes of melting treats, until now. Design firm SpringTime has come up with an innovative way to use the energy of the sun to keep ice cream cool and frozen! Developed as a joint venture with Dutch ice-cream companies IJs&Zopie and Odenwald Organics, these green and eco-friendly ice-cream carts use solar energy to power up their freezers and keep the ice-cream from melting. With solar panels propped up on the roof with by four telescopic supports, the carts’ onboard batteries can also be charged via electricity sockets at night, making these an energy-efficient way to selling ice-cream!


    Topics: Gadgets Tags: , , on July 18, 2012
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      Geetu Gupta

      Contributing Editors