• Scribble Scanner + Digital Data Traveller for work, travel and leisure

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    How about a gadget that does it all for you? It does some work for you; it entertains you in your spare time and is handy and nifty. Such perceptive designs are usually concepts and that’s what the Scribble Scanner + Digital Data Traveller by designer Sandip Paul is. Allow me to explain the concept of its workings…
    Joy of pencil-writing
    The ring of the gadget goes through your pencil and scans whatever you pencil down.
    The data is stored in the ring scanner and transfers the content to the receiver via Bluetooth.
    Joy of sleeping
    The device also works as an alarm clock and displays the time as well.
    Sense of music
    It doubles up as an MP3 player and voice recorder.

    The Scribble Scanner + Digital Data Traveller, if produced will surely be a hit device. I can already picture secretaries taking shorthand notes and transferring all data to the comp and then typing out the memos.

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