• Philips unveils Onespace, a one-of-a-kind uniformly illuminated ceiling lighting solution

  • philips-onespace-luminous-ceiling-lightingPhilips understands the need for innovative lighting solutions and has come up with a concept that’s far apart from the conventional incandescent and LED lights we’ve grown accustomed to off late. Instead, the electronics giant has unveiled this, a luminous LED panel capable of covering an entire ceiling surface with a homogenous white glow, called the Onespace.

    To light up, the Onespace concept uses low energy lamps with sound absorbing textiles. All of this is arranged in a mesh-like network that creates a matte glowing surface, with the light source hidden. The concept reminds us of the illuminated ceilings we’ve been looking at in just about every sci-fi or futuristically-advanced movie we’ve come across. The Onespace luminous ceiling is currently available for spaces measuring up to 10 x 3 meters.


    [Via – Designboom]

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