• Philips PowerPouch DLP7003 iPhone charger doubles up as a sheath

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    While your iPhone enjoys being the most excitable and well-treated gizmo in your tech collage, it is also necessary to keep it powered up and protected at all times. The Philips PowerPouch DLP7003 iPhone charger, which is basically a power bank, pumps 7,000 mAh power into your iPhone and that too with style. The charger is so designed that it charges your phone while holding it. Rubber-coated and corrugated on the surface, the charger looks amazing and has a rich touch to it. The charging port is connected with a loop-shaped Lightning cable. The USB cable needed to recharge the power bank is discretely integrated within the design of the power bank.

    While many cases would make the connector region an exception in their design plan, the Philips PowerPouch DLP7003 iPhone charger leverages this portion of the charger to create a flair in design. The end of the Lightning cable is tipped with a metal section that greatly contributes to the stylish design of the power bank. It has been designed by Holger Höhn.

    [ Via : Yankodesign ]

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