• Personal cooling system that keeps you cooled on the go by Jean-Marc Sheitoyan

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    Is it too hot out there? Have you been wiping the sweat off your brow every few minutes? Is the weather hot enough to bake a cake in? Well, you don’t need to look for a place with a cool interior or simply stay home on a hot summer’s day anymore. This Active Cooling System by designer Jean-Marc Sheitoyan will make sure you stay cool, on the move. The system in short reduces the human body temperature to make the temperature of the environment a bit more bearable. It was developed with a design team at Mawashi Protective Clothing Inc. Besides just being a cooling agent to keep us cool in hot environments, this one could work well in keeping soldiers cool in hot arid desert areas where they are required to wear heavy camouflages that tend to heat up.

    A personal cooler is indeed something we’ll look forward too, after all, who wouldn’t love a bit of personal cool air!

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