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    Rex, a smartphone speaker that hooks on to Apple’s Siri interface

    There are quite a few smartphone users who swear by Apple and consider the Siri interface to be one of the best gifts technology has presented to mankind. One of these individuals is Chris McKleroy who came up with the … Continue reading

  • F1 training machine readies race drivers for G-force and impact

    Looking for a way to step inside an F1 car, without the proper training and equipment and a wallet full of cash to afford a recreation like this? Well, we’ve come across a great way to do all of this! … Continue reading

    LifeHub, a device that helps you connect and communicate

    Tired of carrying around a bunch of gadgets that leave your pockets and bag cluttered? Well, it’s time things change and a single device encompasses the functions of all! What we’ve got here, is the future of technology, a device … Continue reading

    DIY wearable computer inspired by the Google Glass for below $300

    The Google Glass project is all that’s been on our minds since quite a while now. While the technology bigwig is throwing promises in the air of having this concept launched below $1,500, we’ve just come across DIY instructions of … Continue reading

    The Candy Sorting Machine separates your candy with a color-sensor!

    No, M&Ms of different color don’t really taste different, and picking out one particularly because of its color isn’t going to do your taste-buds a bigger favor. Nevertheless, electrical engineer Brian Egenriether designed this device that separates your candy according … Continue reading

    DoorBot lets you see who’s at the door via your smartphone

    Tired of walking to the door just to check who rang your doorbell? Well, no longer do you need to get up from the comfort of your nesting space, unless you need to absolutely open the door for the one … Continue reading

    The Equinox concept, the world’s most versatile camera!

    High-end cameras, despite the fact that they burn a substantial part of your bank balance, don’t stick towards the modular end of design. Well, that keeps users from switching sensors, lenses and more. Trying to break away from the trend … Continue reading

    Neurowear’s Mico headphones play music according to your mood

    It was only a matter of time until human brainwaves were used to operate everyday gadgets, like headphones. Neurowear’s Mico is a revolutionary headset that literally is controlled with brainwave signals. The Mico connects to the iPhone through Bluetooth and … Continue reading

    Geode Digital Wallet case turns your iPhone into a digital wallet

    We’ve seen some pretty innovative iPhone cases in the past. Lately, we spotted this fantastic creation called the Geode Digital Wallet. Designed by Los Angeles-based Satellite, the case literally turns your Apple smartphone into a digital credit card. The case … Continue reading

    The Fujitsu New Generation Cane makes walking easier for the aged!

    Technology today has advanced to a level where it can help human beings at the simplest level, e.g. helping the aged walk! Recently Fujitsu unveiled the New Generation Cane, a revolutionary development aimed to make the lives of the aged … Continue reading

    Sound Showers help you relax at crowded airports

    Airports tend to be noisy, over-crowded and well, uncomfortable. Making your trip in the skies a little more comfortable, the Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL) has come up with this superb concept called Sound Showers. The concept works literally as its … Continue reading

    The glass and wood Audiowood Barky Turntable is unconventionally beautiful

    Turntables get trendier! If you aren’t one to opt for those chunks of metal that play your records out loud, opt for this fantastic concept by Joel Scilley instead! Called the Audiowood Barky Turntable, this concept uses two materials for … Continue reading

    Taiwanese manufacturer develops near-transparent smartphone prototype

    It was only a matter of time until the world finally got a taste of transparent smartphone technology. Polytron Technologies, a Taiwan-based manufacturer, recently showed-off this nearly invisible prototype that could well be the world’s first transparent phone. Made from … Continue reading

    Sell New and Used Electronics Online

    The Internet makes it possible to sell electronics online so you can profit off of your old laptops and iPhones. Even if you are going into business where you will be selling new and refurbished electronics it is possible online. … Continue reading

    Tactus Technology develops micro-fluid keys that rise out of touchscreens

    People used to tactile QWERTY keys usually frown when it comes to using touch screen devices. Recently a startup firm called Tactus Technology came up with this fantastic screen that literally has buttons pop out of it! Using micro-fluids, the … Continue reading

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