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    Nissan joins the smart-watch brigade with the Nismo

    Yes, Samsung has created yet another ruffle in the technology world with its latest release, the Galaxy Gear smart watch. As expected, a bunch of companies have woken up from their concept-crafting dilemmas and have began displaying their own versions … Continue reading

  • Kirobo, the Japanese robot in space, says hello!

    Do you know what’s really interesting about Kirobo the robot? Well, it’s one of the first to have been clad with red boots. Do you know what else is interesting about this Japanese brainchild? It’s in space and has recently … Continue reading

    The Area lamp allows users to grab and pull its light around!

    Light has never been in flesh before and the ability to manipulate light has always rested at the source of the light. Technology has pushed these limitations away, giving human-kind the ability to literally “pull” light across a room! The … Continue reading

    Pixelate, the table that encourages you to play with food!

    Playing with your food has never really been encouraged before. However, after a bunch researchers figured that video games that promoted fruit consumption failed to influence childrens’ snack choices, RCA Design Interactions students Sures Kumar and Lana Z. Porter came … Continue reading

    Veebot robot uses technology to draw blood from human veins!

    Donating blood isn’t everybody’s piece of cake, especially those who hate the sight of blood and more often than not, swoon on spotting these glistening red drops. For those too frightened of nurses, doctors and those terribly long needles, here’s … Continue reading

    Navigo smart watch connects to your smartphone and works as a GPS device

    There’s been a lot of talk about smart watches these days and we think it’s about time the world of technology packs its best inside a wrist-watch. A step closer to this dream is this uber-cool-looking wrist watch we came … Continue reading

    The Sweat Machine turns your sweat into drinking water!

    Drinking sweat has remained unheard of before and most of us would probably cringe at the very thought of it. UNICEF thinks differently however and has recently unveiled a one-of-a-kind machine that turns sweat into water. The installation, called the … Continue reading

    The unconventional and eye-catching Stone Phone by Vincenzo Cancemi

    Tired of the contemporary touch phones that have found their way into the hands of a substantial amount of people around the globe? Have you been on the lookout for a communication device that will have you stand out from … Continue reading

    Kirobothe robot, communicates and converses with astronauts

    Ah! We’ve seen robots before and we’ve heard them communicate too. Here’s a robot that isn’t particularly out-of-the-box but it does serve as some social relief for astronauts in space who are usually cut off from the world, literally. Termed … Continue reading

    The Smile SmartWatch enables instant connectivity and entertainment

    Soon, the world will step away from the use of ordinary watches and settle for much more intelligent devices that tell more than just the time, like this recent development we’ve spotted called the Smile SmartWatch from Emopulse. Now smart … Continue reading

    Best Tablet Apps for Students

    Tablets have outpaced net books and laptops on the wish lists of both high school and college students. With their sleek design and compact cases, the tablet has become one of the lightest and most powerful options for note taking, … Continue reading

    Instabeat, the heads-up display for swimmers

    The world of sports has been closely in touch with technology and innovations and inventions have been assisting athletes since quite a while now. One recent development that is currently crowd-funding is the Instabeat. Designed to clip on to just … Continue reading

    The Window Socket uses solar energy to power up home appliances

    While gasoline and coal are quickly turning into expensive and somewhat outdated ways to power up, the world is busy looking for cleaner and greener ways to generate electricity. One of the concepts aimed at just this that we spotted … Continue reading

    Levitation, the bicycle that hovers off the ground and charges your phone!

    Flying cars might still be decades away but we’ve recently come across levitating bicycles! Architect Michael Strain came up with this bicycle concept called the Levitation, for the obvious reason that it lifts itself off the ground! Using a combination … Continue reading

    How to Keep it Short and Sweet, But Effective

    Marketing and advertising is always revolutionizing how it is done every few years. Just when you have a method figured out, the next best thing comes along and changes all the rules and everything you knew how to do. Add … Continue reading

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