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    Sagawa Electronics to unveil yet another exoskeleton robot, the MK4

    Sagawa Electronics previously unveiled the Powered Jacket MK3, a cool and extremely expensive exoskeleton that, when worn, turns ordinary human beings into all that’s awesome. The company is now working on the successor of this exoskeleton robot, the new MK4 … Continue reading

  • Oculus unveils its next-generation virtual reality headset, the Crystal Cove!

    Given the fact that the world is quickly turning into a tightly-squeezed place, privacy has turned into a luxury not many can afford. Well, if a little privacy while watching movies or TV shows or playing games is what you … Continue reading

    Fishy lamps with detailed scales unveiled by the Gehyry Partners

    Contrary to popular belief, lamps don’t really need to be a dull accessory put into rooms to shed some light around. Instead, with the right creative treatment and design, these home illumination appliances can quite interestingly be turned into beautiful … Continue reading

    ECLIPS system makes sure you never lose your coat in a clock room!

    Do you plan to wear your favorite jacket to the New Year ball this tonight? Have you been concerned about losing your prized piece of clothing in all the revelry? Well, this tiny piece of technology will keep you informed … Continue reading

    Has procrastination invaded your soul? How about an electroshock!

    Caffeine and nicotine have always been hailed as the best ways to boost up productivity before. Given the fact that the world is quickly leaning towards the mechanical side of things, London-based designer Ling Tan came up with this fantastic … Continue reading

    Bedtime stories combined with futuristic augmented reality technology developed

    Let’s face it; story time has always been an integral part of going to bed in those good old days when homework was all that ever worried us. In the near future, bed time stories could soon turn into a … Continue reading

    La Fonction no. 1, the best way to work on-the-go!

    Working on-the-go now has a whole new meaning. The folks at French design firm piKs Design pulled this fantastic concept out of their bags of tricks, called the La Fonction no. 1. What looks like a docile designer briefcase turns … Continue reading

    Your dog can now do your laundry, with the Woof to Wash concept

    Ever wished your dog could do your laundry? Well, now he can! UK laundry company JTM Service joined hands with Miele to create the Woof to Wash concept, the first “dog-operated” washing machine that uses voice-activated controls! The washing machine’s … Continue reading

    Fully-functional laser-cut DIY phone by David Mellis

    In our race towards individuality and uniqueness, we have begun turning towards one-off pieces of technology, crafted to be a step away from all that’s ordinary and all that’s available on storeshelves. This is just why this laser-cut mobile phone … Continue reading

    Xbox One smartphone concept is an interesting take on mobile gaming

    Everyone’s jumping aboard the smartphone brigade and if you’re wondering what the offspring of an Xbox One and a smartphone would look like, here’s the result! A concept by O2 Guru and TechRadar, the Xbox One smartphone concept seems to … Continue reading

    Mefisto portable heater boils water in a cup

    We never thought the good old kettle would go obsolete, until now. While looking for a perfect way to heat a cupful of water recently, we came across this fantastic concept called the Mefisto. Unlike every kettle you’d come across … Continue reading

    inTouch technology allows you to pick and drop files across devices

    Thinks about it, the dawn of smart devices has somewhat turned us into a slightly more confused and digitally dependent species. Quite a few of us own a smartphone, a tablet, a camera, a laptop and probably a smartwatch too … Continue reading

    3D interactive shape-changing display is remotely controllable

    The rise of technology simply never fails to astound us! Take this extremely futuristic development that we spotted recently, hailing from MIT Media Lab, the inFORM Shape Display. This device literally allows you to perform a bunch of physical actions … Continue reading

    The IN1 iPhone case doubles up as an army knife

    The Swiss Army knife has finally found its match in this brilliant and extremely convenient iPhone case! Designed by IN1, the case is just what you’re imagining it to be, a utility-toolkit and an iPhone protection unit combined. Besides saving … Continue reading

    Neurocam uses iPhone’s camera to automatically record things that interest you

    Memories are great, but they’re barely as visual as a video, right? Well, your brain could soon record videos of stuff that interests you as you go about your day to day routine, thanks to this fantastic new concept called … Continue reading

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