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    Japanese musician Yoshiki plays a piano dual with his hologram self!

    Human kind has always been obsessed with the ideas of cloning and bringing back people from the afterlife. While none of this is actually practiced today, one technology nearly allows us to do so. Snoop Dogg used this to bring … Continue reading

  • Sony unveils the PS4-compatible Project Morpheus VR headset for the first time

    Seems like the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset now has something to worry about. Sony, the company hailed for its creation of the Playstation, has now revealed the fruit of its labor, the “Project Morpheus” PS4-compatible VR system. The company … Continue reading

    dataSTICKIE tech-packed sticky notes concept can store up to 32GB!

    Ah, you see, the world is transforming. Everyday objects around us are being given a technological overhaul. Mankind has decided to continue its love affair with the digital world. And yes, sticky notes have gotten techy too! Two brilliant designers, … Continue reading

    Apple iPhone 6 concept with holographic projected keyboard grabs eyeballs

    Apple fans have been quietly cribbing about the fact that the company they’ve come to love and adore for its innovation hasn’t been doing much of just that recently! Which is why, designers from around the globe have taken it … Continue reading

    Blocks modular smartwatch concept is the most customizable of them all

    Slipping a chunky smartphone into your trouser pockets will soon be an activity associated to a long forgotten past, as wearable technology is now quickly catching on. Most recently, we spotted this smartwatch that’ll probably make us place your smartphone … Continue reading

    Food Cycler Home composter helps turn kitchen waste into soil fertilizer

    There’s no better way to give kitchen waste a fitting send off than a composting system. After all, this is indeed one of the best ways to give back to nature what we’ve taken away, in the form of rich … Continue reading

    Future-telling gets a dash of technology with Dor Tal’s Predictables concept

    Human beings are a curious breed, which is why thousands of people around the globe indulge in the art of fortune telling. While some skeptics might argue that all of this is nothing but a clever man’s way of making … Continue reading

    Chune makes sure your party stays in tune, always

    What’s the most difficult part of organizing a house party? Deciding upon a suitable tracklist that’ll keep all your guests swaying and happy of course! That’s where this friendly little device called the Chune comes into play. The device automatically … Continue reading

    Pomegranate battery concept carry 10 times more charge than regular batteries!

    The technology world does seem fairly obsessed with fruits, which is why after Blackberries and Apples, we now have a Pomegranate! Researchers at Stanford University were inspired by the juicy fruit and came up with this supercharged anode battery. Developed … Continue reading

    NEX smart bands enable teenagers to game, send messages and stay ‘notified’!

    Smart watches have grabbed the attention of technology geeks and dorks like us, world over. However, average teens haven’t really developed an affinity for these extensions to smartphones, yet. So, to attract the teenage population, the NEX band was developed … Continue reading

    Todd Ham designs an Apple-esque iWatch concept

    Aah, here’s yet another iWatch concept that has led us to wonder just why the apple of the technology world’s eye, Apple Inc., hasn’t unleashed one on the masses yet! The brainchild of one very creative individual named Todd Ham, … Continue reading

    The Balance Watch encourages you to take a break, every half hour!

    Some watches tell you to stay on time and make sure you stick to your daily routine like a clockwork mouse that knows a single direction. Some watches on the other hand tell you to leave your routine behind, sit … Continue reading

    CSR and Cellini develop a smartphone-enabled pendant

    Technology and jewelry, when mixed and matched and made to work together, are an undeniably fine combination. Quite recently, CSR, the developers of Bluetooth Smart, collaborated with boutique jewelry designers Cellini, to dish out this elegant silver pendant that alerts … Continue reading

    Sen.se’s Mother device makes sure you never forget things again!

    Without reminders, the world would be nothing but a bunch of forgetful adults completely forgetting essential things to do as they struggle to keep up with everyday routines. To make sure you remember every tiny detail of your routine, Sen.se … Continue reading

    DreamWorks and Fuhu team up to create the DreamTab for kids

    Everything DreamWorks creates has been well received by and gobbled down by audiences made up of little teeny boppers and adults alike. This, obviously, has made this animated-film studio extremely popular amongst the masses. Riding on this popularity, DreamWorks has … Continue reading

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