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    Cuckoo Clocks Mixing The Traditional and the Modern

    Filling shop floors until they are snapped up by anyone tasteful enough to place these products in their home, the remarkably stylish cuckoo clocks offer magnificence for plenty of reasons. These timeless pieces are originally from Germany and have been … Continue reading

  • DOCK IT station is a modular relaxation system

    With the increasing need for continuous connectivity, public dock stations are extremely sought after places these days and DOCK IT station fulfils the norms. This modular relaxation system designed for stopover at public places is inspired by swarms of large … Continue reading

    Ludovica, a perfect lamp for people who love to read

    Ludovica, is a seamless compact lamp for people who love to read . Designed by Zanocchi & Starke, a young design studio based in Turin (Italy), it is a perfect light for those who also love to maintain their books … Continue reading

    Luna Wash cleans your dirty clothes right in the Hamper

    Luna wash, a new concept in washing machines designed for this year’s Electrolux Design Challenge is an in hamper washing machine. Juan Camilo Restrepo Villamizar developed the Luna, which is an electrostatic spherical washing machine where the metallic sphere loads … Continue reading

    Scientists create the PaperFold, the world’s first foldable smartphone

    For now, the phablet craze has pretty much wrapped its oversized arms around a substantial part of the technology world. While the small-is-big ideology isn’t really given a second thought today, we could soon be welcoming home a new type … Continue reading

    3D printed casts enable ultrasound technology to be used to heal bones

    It’s common knowledge in the medical world that ultrasound technology can help in the healing of broken bones. The only reason this isn’t used on a large scale today to heal fractures is because of the limitations of conventional plaster-casts. … Continue reading

    Developer Kieran Lord creates a virtual hoverboard with the Oculus Rift and the Wii Balance Board

    Let’s be honest. If you’ve watched Back to the Future II, you’ve probably have wished with all your heart to ride around town on Marty McFly’s hoverboard. While that might not be completely real for now, developer Kieran Lord did … Continue reading

    Honda revamps the ASIMO; makes him less awkward and more human-like

    Honda’s ASIMO robot has been the company’s favorite brainchild and the development has been shown off by its makers since quite a while now. Most recently, this four feet tall robot received cool new upgrades, making it behave nearly like … Continue reading

    ICEdot helmet crash-sensor recognizes crashes and alerts emergency services

    Helmets were created to keep bicycle-riders, folks on motorcycles, skateboards and everything potentially unsafe to the skull, safe. This is why, helmets with a dash of technology, can be made to protect wearers a little more than the average helmet … Continue reading

    Rufus Cuff wearable smart-device will replace your smartphone, tablet, camera… everything!

    While most people love carrying more and more technology with them, everywhere they go, a few prefer keeping it simple. For folks as such, the Rufus Cuff concept is a dream come true. This wearable wrist communicator sports all you’ll … Continue reading

    Yves Béhar’s Bubble Lounge installation enables guests to personalize soda machines

    For those who haven’t heard of the SodaStream line before, these home appliances are well-designed soda makers that enable users to churn out a fresh glass of soda at home. Swiss-born designer Yves Béhar recently graced the occasion of the … Continue reading

    Altergaze concept enables users to enjoy virtual reality tech using conventional smartphones

    And just when we’d begun to imagine that Facebook’s newly acquired Oculus Rift is the epitome of virtual reality technology, Liviu Berechet Antoni and his creation, the Altergaze, made us think twice. Antoni developed a way to enable tech-lovers like … Continue reading

    John Rogers’s electronic health monitoring patches are inexpensive and practical

    Tracking one’s health, particularly the heart, is important and people have begun using technology to their advantage for the same off late. John Rogers’s latest concept is a promising stick-on circuit board that works as a health-monitoring device for people. … Continue reading

    NXT-ID unveils the Wocket, a digital wallet that stores soft copies of credit and debit cards

    Having your credit cards and debit cards stolen is a phenomenon big enough to make your heart stop, more than once. So, to make sure your hard-earned dough stays safe in a bank account and is not splurged by a … Continue reading

    Philips unveils Onespace, a one-of-a-kind uniformly illuminated ceiling lighting solution

    Philips understands the need for innovative lighting solutions and has come up with a concept that’s far apart from the conventional incandescent and LED lights we’ve grown accustomed to off late. Instead, the electronics giant has unveiled this, a luminous … Continue reading

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