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    Solar phone charger looks like a Japanese Ginkgo tree

    The analogy is right on target and it could get any more realistic than this one. The Solar phone charger we have here represents a tree, albeit a special tree of the like of the Japanese Ginkgo Tree, but a … Continue reading

  • Tron-styled climbing gear offers endless oxygen, heating control and power

    Climbing gear is seldom too elaborate in design as climbers shave off maximum bulk for optimum performance. So when we set our eyes on this conceptually amazing climbing gear, novelty screamed out dearly. Designed by Cheng Hang, Dong Qian Wen, … Continue reading

    Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light mimics the sun to wake you up

    Let’s face it. Waking up in the morning isn’t something that really excites even the best of us. Given the fact that we’re all falling head over heels in love with our beds, slipping out of the mattresses to begin … Continue reading

    Atmos lamp uses water condensation to create a never-seen-before effect

    Designer Arturo Erbsman is no stranger to using transparent liquids as an aesthetic medium in his creations. Erbsman’s Atmos lamp is also designed on the same principals. The lamp uses the condensation of water to diffuse light, casting an airy … Continue reading

    Nendo creates a wristwatch inspired by architectural design

    Architects ahoy! Japanese studio Nendo has recently unveiled a wrist ornament that’ll make you pass a knowing smile. Called the Draftsman 02-Stencil, this watch is part of the Draftsman series and is inspired by hand draughting and the stationery used … Continue reading

    The Neckset concept lets you use your large-display gadget, handsfree!

    Using a smartphone keeps your hand, or probably both your hands, occupied, making these nifty devices somewhat cumbersome to use. We’ve seen quite a few handsfree smartphone solutions popping up in the past, but this one seems to take the … Continue reading

    The QBracelet is the world’s most beautiful portable smartphone charger

    A mobile phone charger is generally nothing more than an extremely ugly tangle of wires that leaves you tethered to an electric socket. That’s exactly what separates the QBracelet from your conventional charger. Designed by Q Designs, this charger is … Continue reading

    FormNation E-Ink phone stays powered on for a month on a single charge

    We all hate watching energy trickle out of our mobile phones. For the most of us, plugging a phone into a charging outlet is the worst part of the day. To make things easier, NY design consultancy FormNation has taken … Continue reading

    Samsung plans to reveal its Gear VR headset alongside the Note 4

    VR is the new smart-watch, and given the fact that everyone’s raving about VR technology, South Korean electronics giant Samsung has decided to jump aboard the bandwagon too. Reports state that the company plans to unleash the Gear VR with … Continue reading

    Sugru turns LEGO bricks and figurines into cable-holders

    LEGO bricks are more than just a bane for the barefooted. These bricks can double up as a lot more than play-things and the brainiacs at Sugru have just proven so. These folks have managed to turn LEGO bricks into … Continue reading

    oPhone device will now enable iPhone users to send scented messages

    There have been times when we’ve wanted nothing more than to master the ability to send across a scented SMS. Well, not really. That doesn’t stop us from gushing on about this fantastic new concept we’ve spotted recently, which could … Continue reading

    Air Trekkers, stilts that let you jump 10 feet in the air

    We’ve always been fascinated with stilts. Not because of the fact that they’re particularly dangerous and could result in serious injuries, but simply because they give you a bird’s eye view most of us would kill for. That’s probably why … Continue reading

    Tody the crawling robot helps keep your walls clean

    Things that crawl around are generally never helpful, particularly if they manage to crawl up your walls too. Stuff like this is best placed in a horror movie, right? Here’s a wall-crawler you’ll fall in love with though, simply because … Continue reading

    Listen to sounds from afar with the Binaudios

    Have you ever looked at a rock concert from a distance far away, dearly wishing you were present at the spot, swaying to the music? We know we have, just a few weeks ago when we weren’t allowed to gatecrash … Continue reading

    The PaperFold will make you ditch your smartphone, tablet and laptop for good!

    For now, the phablet craze has pretty much wrapped its oversized arms around a substantial part of the technology world. While the small-is-big ideology isn’t really given a second thought today, we could soon be welcoming home a new type … Continue reading

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