• Oakley’s Sweat Away Eyewear is ideal for cycling athletes

  • It is true that cycling athletes sweat a lot while they’re riding their bike for hours. However, the sweat dripping down the head to the eyes impairs the cyclists’ vision, affecting their performance in turn. Cyclists often wear accessories to deal with the sweat problem, but it isn’t very affective as the accessories absorb the sweat. Oakley in collaboration with award-winning design artist Ryan Jongwoo Choi has unveiled the Sweat Away eyewear that counteracts the sweat problem in a unique way. The sportswear has an organic fern which actually collects the sweat and redirects it towards the sides where it flows out in the downward direction, keeping the eyes safe.

    The Sweat Away Eyewear has a couple of straps at the top that are adjustable to three variable shapes to provide utmost protection and comfort. All in all, it is an intelligently designed Eyewear that would be very useful for serious athletes.


    Topics: Gadgets Tags: , , on July 9, 2012
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