• Nissan joins the smart-watch brigade with the Nismo

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    Yes, Samsung has created yet another ruffle in the technology world with its latest release, the Galaxy Gear smart watch. As expected, a bunch of companies have woken up from their concept-crafting dilemmas and have began displaying their own versions of smart watches, many of which, we must admit, are a little more eye-catching than the Galaxy Gear! Car manufacturer Nissan, known for, well, its cars, has began popping out smart-watch concepts too. The Nissan Nismo Watch will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show and will enable wearers to connect to their cars and phones!

    The watch connects to the car using a smartphone app as a Bluetooth Smart device and gives users access to vehicle telematics and performance data while on the road. The watch also monitors the efficiency of your car with average speed and fuel-consumption readings and gives tailored car messages from Nissan! Phew!

    [Via – Mashable]

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