• Nike Cooling Hood simulates water being poured on your head

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    Nike, in collaboration with US Olympic Champion Ashton Eaton, have devised a cooling hood for athletes. It manages to retain cool water and offers gradual cooling to the head. This can greatly contribute to quick recovery after between events and maximizing each break. Eaton wanted to achieve the same cooling on his head that he experienced on other parts of his body. Since he uses Nike’s PreCool Vest, he approached Nike’s Sports Research Lab and together they managed to roll out a prototype that simulated the feeling of pouring a bottle of water on the head. The hood covers the face, scalp and neck and resembles an ancient Spartan helmet. The inner layers effectively retain cool water and gradually cool the head.

    Ashton Eaton said, “A perfect scenario would be to feel like you’ve just started on every event. The more you do, the more attrition you experience. Rather than realizing immediate physiological gain, the challenge is more about reducing the mental attrition from the two days to maximize each event. After asking questions about current recovery techniques, the conversation prompted me to ask myself: Why does it feel good, after running, to pour a bottle of water over your head? I don’t know the physiological answer, but the fact that it does feel better makes me perform better.”

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