• NEX smart bands enable teenagers to game, send messages and stay ‘notified’!

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    Smart watches have grabbed the attention of technology geeks and dorks like us, world over. However, average teens haven’t really developed an affinity for these extensions to smartphones, yet. So, to attract the teenage population, the NEX band was developed and unveiled recently, sporting the appearance of a trendy bracelet and enabling teenagers to send secret messages, unlock game levels and personalize their look.

    This probably won’t win the favor of too many parents out there, but the NEX band does seem to sport some pretty eye-catching technology. The bands sport small LEDs that light up every time you receive a smartphone notification. That apart, NEX-band-wearing friends can also assign coded colors to recognize messages from each other, making these bands extremely interactive. Availability and pricing of these bands haven’t been announced yet.


    [Via – Springwise]

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