• The Neckset concept lets you use your large-display gadget, handsfree!

  • necksetUsing a smartphone keeps your hand, or probably both your hands, occupied, making these nifty devices somewhat cumbersome to use. We’ve seen quite a few handsfree smartphone solutions popping up in the past, but this one seems to take the cake. While we don’t see the masses switching to the Neckset any time soon, the concept does seem convincing enough for the future. The Neckset handsfree contraption fits around a wearer’s neck and works as a stand for a smartphone or tablet, enabling a user to view the screen without needing to hold onto it.

    neckset-2The Neckset is inspired by Bob Dylan‘s harmonica holder, and seems to be comfortable to use and ergonomic too. The neck-strap uses an aluminum core with a soft casing, making it flexible and completely adjustable. With parts of the Neckset made from 3D printing, this contraption makes video-calls, movie-watching and reading simpler while using smartphones, tablet or even e-book readers!



    [Available at Indiegogo]

    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on October 27, 2014
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