• Navigo smart watch connects to your smartphone and works as a GPS device

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    There’s been a lot of talk about smart watches these days and we think it’s about time the world of technology packs its best inside a wrist-watch. A step closer to this dream is this uber-cool-looking wrist watch we came across recently, sporting an unconventional strap-on design. Besides looking quite unique, this watch called the Navigo also hooks on to your smartphone, to give you a peek at what’s going on in webspace.

    Besides sporting all the essential features of a smart-watch, the Navigo also doubles up as a navigation device. The watch hooks up to a smartphone’s navigation system and works as a GPS device on your wrist, using tiny vibrations to help direct you to your destination. The watch sports an LED screen that shows up bright arrows pointing in the direction you need to travel, making the Navigo a device we’d love to see on store shelves!




    [Via – Dvice]

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