• Multi-Touch Floor display is the new age human-computer interaction

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    Here’s a bizarre but interesting invention by human-computer interaction professor Patrick Baudisch and his team. It is the multi-touch interactive displays, which is the width of a user’s arm span, offers a wide range of possibilities. Owing to the size limitations with hand-controlled interactive surfaces, only a few dozen onscreen objects can be dealt with at one time. However, Baudisch intends to increase the possibilities by integrating high-resolution multi-touch into back-projected floors. One of the coolest features of the system is the ability to sense pressure and also identify users based on the soles of their shoes.

    However, inactive users are rendered unrecognized on this floor, as it focuses on known users who can use their foot to interact with very high precision. Users can type on a QWERTY keyboard using their foot; such is the precision of the floor. However, the utility and application of this technology can be developed further so as to include other day to day operations as a part of the usage.

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