• Mobile Internet Device with extended screen and all the perks

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    Looks like Peter Kubík has designed a cell phone that fulfills every gadget-freak’s dream. From the looks of it the phone is flip one that opens up like a PDA. Once open, its screen can be extended even further to give prime display area. Now the three-screen-display takes on both landscape and portrait orientations. The opened-up surface also act’s as a playground for a screen with a QWERTY keyboard; implying that it’s a touch sensitive. This also implies that the multimedia support for this phone will be strong, and even support a live TV. Despite an extensive additional screen, the main screen of this phone is quite impressive. It takes up most of the real estate of front, and even supports Internet

    The rounded contours of the device make the display of the phone seem endless. There is hook lever at the back that opens up allowing you to prop up the device against it. This way you get to use it as a clock that displays the time and awakes you when you set the alarm. The Mobile Internet Device looks to be a complete all rounder, that proposes to be the gadget of the future. With Internet connectivity as its mainstay, we know that it’s a step in the right direction.

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