• Mac Phones by Omar Huerta

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    I don’t blame anyone for trying to bite into the Apple Pie…my I love it like sin, but what amuses me is the constant chatter of concepts that offshoot from the original. Omar Huerta won us over with his EVE concept and now he has ventured towards the forbidden fruit. The Mac Phones is a unique earphone that adjusts automatically to your ear contours, when you play the music. This is possible because of the energy flow generated by the music. The phones sport an interesting Display and three buttons to control all the functions.

    The headband of the Mac Phones is made from Nano textile fibers that react to the flow of energy. Optic fibers conduct the energy flow through them. The rubber used on the headphones is constructed out of hypoallergenic rubber. The design seems simple but with complex functionalities. A true Apple design!

    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on December 1, 2008

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