• Lim&Lee1% cognitive plug helps save electricity

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    Electricity is one of the most essential sources of energy today. But due to our carelessness and laziness, a large amount of electricity worth billions of dollars is wasted every year. Designer’s Lim yong-bum and Lee sang-hoon from Korea too realize this flaw in human way’s and have decided to do something about it. The environment conscious designer’s have designed the Lim&Lee1% plug that makes users aware of wastage of standby electricity power. According to the designers, money is wasting because people don’t care about cognition and re-cognition of stand-by power. Even though the switch is off, electricity is still wasted and hence it is essential to remove the plug from the socket. The Lim&Lee1% cognitive plug has an icon on it which lights up after the switch is off; to let users know that electricity is getting wasted and they need to remove the plug from the socket.

    A great creation, it will definitely play a big role in curbing wastage of electricity.

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