• Levitation, the bicycle that hovers off the ground and charges your phone!

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    Flying cars might still be decades away but we’ve recently come across levitating bicycles! Architect Michael Strain came up with this bicycle concept called the Levitation, for the obvious reason that it lifts itself off the ground! Using a combination of magnetic levitation and kinetic energy to levitate, the bike is more comfortable to ride on uneven ground. Built from an easy-to-fabricate non-porous material, the bike completely relies on its levitation technology to keep the bumps away.

    Apart from lifting off the ground, the Levitation bike concept designed for the 2013 Hi-Macs Annual Design Contest also generates energy to power up on-the-go devices like smartphones and tablets. This one also sports a touch-screen LED display between the handlebars and packs a WiFi hotspot!




    [Via – Cnet]

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