• Fully-functional laser-cut DIY phone by David Mellis

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    In our race towards individuality and uniqueness, we have begun turning towards one-off pieces of technology, crafted to be a step away from all that’s ordinary and all that’s available on storeshelves. This is just why this laser-cut mobile phone caught our attention. Developed by David Mellis, a PhD student at the MIT media lab and a co-founder of the Arduino electronics prototyping platform, this device is a DIY phone capable of using a regular SIM card to make calls and send and receive text messages.

    The laser-cut DIY handset includes a display, buttons, speaker and microphone, just like a regular phone, along with a complete interface to run all of these. The phone can be configured to store names and phone numbers, display the time, and even serve as an alarm clock and Mellis has provided step-by-step instructions for the development of this too! It’s time we ditch our regular smartphones and settle for something a little more non-conformist!







    [Via – Designboom]

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