• Kurv Guitar is like playing the air guitar with actual sound

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    The Kurv Guitar is basically a stringless electric guitar. While it does well to cut the volume of space that a real guitar takes as well as the calluses caused by tabbing strings, this one also contributes in the learning of a guitar. All you need to do is work on your touch, gesture control and motion, with precision. The digital plectrum and touchpad with eight distinct touch-points on your palm basically make up the Kurv Guitar. The harder you strum the louder the sound of the struck chord. You can connect it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The touch-sensitive touchpad can be used to play up to 60 hit songs that come with the smartphone app.

    A number of tutorials will help ensure that your playing is up to the mark. The amazing part of this electric contraption is the way it effectively interprets gestures. It even doubles up as a MIDI controller for professional musicians. Jamming up can now be a wire-free and tangle free experience, albeit sans authenticity.





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