• Is the iPhone 6 concept savvy enough for you?

  • It is no surprise how secretive Apple is about the products that they are launching; be it the iPad, iPhone, or even the MacBooks. While we wait for the launch of the iPhone 5 later this year, Antoine Brieux from NAK Studio has come up with another future iPhone concept – the iPhone 6. What Antoine has done in his concept is that he has moved the home button to the side of the phone under the volume buttons, thereby giving more room for the display – measuring in at 125 x 63 mm. The sides of the handset are made of metal while the back is made up of what seems to be a glass-covered surface.

    Now Antoine, hasn’t revealed too much material about what the technology capabilities of the phone are – a 1080p resolution, or a Quad core processor chip, or even the latest iOS 6.0 or iOS 7.0. This is a concept developed by a person who has no connections with Apple, so his design could be based on the 2012 technologies or even the 2013 based ones. What we can ask is that should Apple take pointers from this concept and develop the iPhone 6 or maybe even the iPhone 5. Considering the way things have been going on so far, we will only get to know about this once Apple finally launches the next generation iPhone.


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