• Interactive and clever Reading Glove tells stories with everyday objects

  • RFID tags can work wonders and for those familiar with the technology, this clever development we came across is bound to fascinate and amuse you! By Joshua and Karen Tanenbaum, the Reading Glove, to be worn as a conventional glove, tells stories of selected objects it is passed over. Using an immersive storytelling platform called “Tangible Ubiquitous Narrative Environment” or TUNE, the glove reads RFID tags cleverly placed in these selected objects and tells a story of each of these when passed over. The glove contains a simple RFID reader and tells stories of the objects. The couple has envisioned an entire room filled with objects one can interact with and we wish them all the luck they need in this fascinating endeavor


    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on April 3, 2012
    • Meet the Team


      Geetu Gupta

      Contributing Editors