• The IN1 iPhone case doubles up as an army knife

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    The Swiss Army knife has finally found its match in this brilliant and extremely convenient iPhone case! Designed by IN1, the case is just what you’re imagining it to be, a utility-toolkit and an iPhone protection unit combined. Besides saving your beloved Apple from bumps and shocks, this case will also get you out of sticky situations that require the assistance of tiny tools! The case comes with a phone stand, enabling you to keep your iPhone erect, a blue ink pen to sign your way to safety and a red ink pen for the kicks, a tooth pick to fight adamant meat pieces and also a pair of scissors!

    That apart, the IN1 case also comes with nail file for that last minute pseudo pedicure, a pair of tweezers, a Philips screw driver and a slotted screw driver as well! All of these can be taken apart and slotted back into the IN1 case, making it a must-have accessory for your Apple!






    [Via – Yankodesign]

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