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    For me, the future of gaming technology surpasses the realms of reality. Every designer is keen on offering his renditions of what the future of gaming may look like. The latest rendition of the future of the Nintendo DS by designer Mario Troise is sure to attract the attention of many a gamers. The designer’s vision of the future Nintendo DS consists of a console with some unbelievable features. Mario’s concept portable console consists of a single flexible touch screen. Offering a 3D experience like never before where the 3D graphics pop out of the screen, the mega resolution of this screen promises to change your gaming experience forever. What is more the console itself can be used in many different ways. The console can be used as a board game and played over a surface. Great for multi player games, players can also use both their hands to play.

    Complete with motion sensors, cameras (one in front, one in back), GPS, light sensors, this console is what I wish the future of gaming technology to be like. What is more, the cameras recognize any gestures, faces and movement, creating a complete interaction with the games. The designer has envisioned for this futuristic console a fast processor and a system that allows multiple applications and games running at the same time.
    A sleek concept, there are no changes in the mechanical buttons like the arrow and round buttons; it is truly a class apart. Besides a volume button on the side, this console includes a stylus for various drawing applications. And lastly it has an SD card slot for games and files.
    A high tech concept, I wish this one materializes soon.

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