• Flore wearable glucometer also monitors daily activities of diabetics

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    In what could be a revolutionary attempt to enhance the lives of diabetics, this amazing wearable device could be just the answer. Flore is a wearable device that performs multiple functions that not only keep a check on the glucose levels of a diabetic but also acts as a trustworthy companion to enhance the quality of life of the patient. The device is extremely small in size and offers handy nutritional and physical activity updates. It is capable of consolidating all the activities that a patient undertakes and synchronizes with a smartphone to make controlling and monitoring extremely convenient. In addition to the patient, it also relays vital information to caregivers and the patient’s healthcare provider.

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    The device can also alert emergency services in case of dangerous fluctuations in glucose levels. Above all, it eliminates the need to prick the finger to draw blood. The finger scanner at the back of the device leverages infrared spectroscopy technology to detect blood glucose levels. It has been designed by Hector Silva.
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