• Fishy lamps with detailed scales unveiled by the Gehyry Partners

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    Contrary to popular belief, lamps don’t really need to be a dull accessory put into rooms to shed some light around. Instead, with the right creative treatment and design, these home illumination appliances can quite interestingly be turned into beautiful pieces of eye-candy! Proving all of this to be true, the Gehry Partners came up with these fabulous lamps, unveiled at the Gagosian Beverly Hills and in Paris. These lamps resemble glowing fish and are made from jagged scales of ColorCore formica mounted on a wireframe.

    Definitely beautiful to look at, these lamps are extremely well detailed with surfaces that actually look like fish-scales. These lamps are a perfect addition to just about any retail, residential or office space and are crafted to add a touch of marine beauty to their surroundings!






    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on January 2, 2014
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