• Finger-Nose stylus for your touch screen

  • Should I laugh, cry, scream or just shake my head … at what a crazy, crazy world we live in, I wonder. Having a touch screen phone is fun and for those used to its mechanics convenient too. Let’s also face it that phones – smart ones, touch-screen ones, etc, are an integral part of our lives and we forget what many a time to glance at the chirping bird or the old dog scratch its ears. Dominic Wilcox, concerned by not wanting to spoil his touch screen while in the bath tub (yes, he uses them there), invented the Finger-Nose stylus for touch screens. Really! He did! He bought a handheld stylus and embedded it into a plaster nose, which came with fibers to make it look hairy (only a man can invent this). This device can now be wrapped on the nose and just swirl your head and maneuver or browse or navigate. Sigh.


    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on May 2, 2011
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