• Electrolux Refrigerator concept by Marcela Guarnizo

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    Designer Marcela Guarnizo has come up with the most high-tech refrigerator concept. Her concept refrigerator is made for Electrolux. The futuristic refrigerator concept has been envisioned for the year 2060. Besides storing food, the refrigerator also performs various other functions. Besides the unique refrigerator lets you store food at different temperatures according to your needs. What is more, it can keep your food hot as well. The smart glass of the fridge not only allows you to see the food that’s stored inside but also displays information about the food and how to cook it by displaying a number of recipes. A water purifier on one end ensures you get a pure glass of water. You can also keep a flower pot which adds a unique aesthetic appeal to this fridge.

    The high-tech refrigerator with its many features will surely be the most apt appliance of the future.

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