• Eco Freezer: Portable freezer powered by LED lamps

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    Designer Ruben Iglesias has created a revolution of sorts in the portable freezers with his latest offering the Eco Freezer. The portable freezer uses a unique technology to keep its contents cool and fresh. The cover of the freezer features two led lamps with photocells that power this freezer and dispense the current via magnetic induction. If the freezer is not full, you can opt for “One Lamp” function thus allowing the freezer to use energy from one lamp only while the other lamp can be used for illumination. If you use both lamps for lighting, the cooling system stops. In the lamp mode, you can set 3 modes for illumination: on, S.O.S & flicker. What is more, if you run out of batteries, you don’t need to panic, as this portable freezer functions as a thermal box preserving your foodstuff for a long time.

    A great creation, the Eco Freezer is definitely one of the best portable freezers I have come across.

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