• Eco Ball by Pedro Gomes

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    The revolution in portable music systems is here. Although just a concept, the Eco Ball is sure to start a new trend in the music systems manufacturing industry. As its name suggests the unique Eco Ball is designed in shape of a ball. Brainchild of designer Pedro Gomes, it rolls into our hearts with its fun design. A sustainable solution for portable sound system, the Eco Ball is easily charged by solar energy. A beautiful creation, the Eco Ball is a symbol of our relation with music; the Eco Ball conveys the designer’s message that music is a part of everyone’s life from childhood to old age. Just like music has accompanied us everywhere through the ages, this Eco ball will be our constant companion playing tunes whenever we want.

    A great concept, I would love to own this amazingly shaped portable Eco Ball.

    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on August 23, 2010

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