• Designer Thomas Bogner develops an Apple smartwatch mock-up

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    Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and we’re sure Apple’s rolling up its sleeves, preparing for the launch of its own rendition of this new portable device platform. Berlin-based engineer Thomas Bogner took a step ahead from the rest and unveiled a slick-looking faux mockup of an Apple smartwatch. The watch, according to Bogner, is “the bastard child of a Fuel Band [sic] and an iPhone.”

    The watch looks pretty similar to the Nike FuelBand, which is what we guess Bogner’s reference to be. The device features a display with both vertical and horizontal scrolling and looks good enough to be sold off Apple’s store-shelves. While this is nothing more than a concept, we’d dearly love to see this development by Thomas Bogner being sold!

    [Via – Fastcompany]

    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on October 24, 2013
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