• Designer Anton Kudin’s Fold-to-Unlock enables you to fold away your iPhone’s lock screen!

  • And just when we thought nothing gets better than the current Slide-to-Unlock that Apple has on offer on its iPhones, designer Anton Kudin unveiled this glorious way to unlock your iOS smartphone! Unlike the usual sliding animation, this one “folds” away the lock screen, origami-style, to unveil the menu hidden beneath. Similar to the unlock screen of the iPad, this one requires just a swipe of your finger and neatly folds away the lock screen, providing you full access to your smartphone.

    Inspired by a similar concept posted on the internet for Android phones, this Fold-to-Unlock tweak is bound to leave many iPhone users and jailbreakers alike interested!


    Topics: Gadgets Tags: , , on May 21, 2012
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