• Cuppa- the social laptop device is a one-stop solution for all digital functions at home

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    The Cuppa is the brainchild of Ben Arrent, who conceptualized this powerful device as a solution for social networking and controlling household gadgets via one system. The Cuppa sports a very slim form that belies its dominant functions. It features a wireless keyboard and monitor and uses WiFi to create a remote access to a local Cuppa Server, which acts as a cache server for online data source, where all of Cuppa’s info is stored. It also sports a RFID reader whose range is both short and long. The ambient and detailed display allows interfacing with multiple monitors. The functions keys have been assigned names so that they are much more useful. Cuppa is touted as the bridge between desktop and mobile phone and is designed to be used in the home, but will fit perfectly in an office environment as well. The Cuppa Sensor is a sticker that could be hidden on any device. Some devices may require an extra connector to help stream that data from it.

    The ambient display hosts an OLED screen that displays updates from friends and Instant Messages are flashed immediately. It constantly updates your Microsoft Live feeds.
    With the Cuppa sensor you can convert your television screen into a Cuppa display. The lappie/controller device requires very little power to function and is energy efficient. It can be used as the alternate remote to control your entire devices at home or office.

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