• Chune makes sure your party stays in tune, always

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    What’s the most difficult part of organizing a house party? Deciding upon a suitable tracklist that’ll keep all your guests swaying and happy of course! That’s where this friendly little device called the Chune comes into play. The device automatically curates a playlist of music depending on who is around and how much fun they’re having. The device comes with an accompanying smartphone app.

    All a user needs to do is tap the phone on the Chune device, select a few genres that are deemed appropriate, and kick start the party! The device then creates a playlist of the music you wouldn’t mind shaking a leg to, automatically. The device is a great replacement for a DJ who’d probably finish off all the snacks you’ve bought for your guests. The device sports a volume and vibe dial and a skip button, for obvious reasons.



    [Via – Core77]

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