• BrainTap : A wearable gaming device that encourages exercise for chronic arthritis

  • As a final project in their 3rd year of the University of Technology Sydney , Andrew Huynh, Adrian Abele, Mason Shao, Jayson Fong and James Taylor developed BrainTap, a Wearable Gaming Glove for Arthritis and Memory Exercise. The game exercises one’s arthritic fingers and also one’s memory. Combining gaming with finger exercises can make the daily task more enjoyable and a little added competition can make sure that the user will keep his fingers fit.

    The wearable system comprises a glove, equipped with LEDs and motors for haptic feedback, linked to a retro-looking product. The product relays a light pattern (Red, Green, Blue and Orange) which the user is intended to mimic with his gloved fingers accordingly.


    Topics: Gadgets Tags: , on June 5, 2012
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