• Bio Bud by Ben Guthrie

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    Environmentalists are sure to love the unique concept design known as Bio Bud. Designed by Ben Guthrie, this concept device helps convert waste oil into biodiesel. The device consists of two compartments that help recycle the oil into biodiesel. The ingredients are poured into the top, and the bio bud takes care of the rest through automated pumps, heating elements, and thermostats. A display informs the user on the current status of the biodiesel and if any ingredients are running low. There is also a pull out tank that collects wasted glycerin. The designer has created an extremely safe and easy to use efficient device with the Bio Bud. And he has not compromises on the design aesthetics either.

    A great creation, it will definitely aid many.

    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on November 6, 2009

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