• The Balance Watch encourages you to take a break, every half hour!

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    Some watches tell you to stay on time and make sure you stick to your daily routine like a clockwork mouse that knows a single direction. Some watches on the other hand tell you to leave your routine behind, sit back and relax, like the Balance Watch. Built to tell the world to take a break, this watch constantly reminds you to take a break after every half hour of work to rediscover your life and the world around you.

    The watch face is simply divided into two, one with time lines properly marked and the other completely blank. Every time the minute hand rolls into the blank half of the watch, a user simply needs to take a deep breath and relax, until the minute hand moves on to the more serious half. The idea for the Balance Watch first began as a regular watch with a bandage covering half of it! We think every corporate slave should be presented one of these on induction day, don’t you think so too?


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