• Automatic Pancake Maker makes pancakes automatically!

  • Pancakes are awesome and there’s certainly no denying that! Behold the Automatic Pancake Maker, a pancake-lover’s dream come true. Conceived for a university project that required the designers to “make something that makes something”, this Automatic Pancake Maker uses computer coded functions hooked on to motors.

    In all, this awesome machine takes just 7 minutes to create perfectly tasty pancakes from scratch! All you need to do is add the ingredients and voila! The Automatic Pancake Maker rolls out pancakes! The machine requires no human involvement besides this and is a creation of industrial designer Ruben Norris and his team.


    Topics: Gadgets Tags: , on November 28, 2012
    • Meet the Team


      Geetu Gupta

      Contributing Editors