• Atmos lamp uses water condensation to create a never-seen-before effect

  • atmos-lamp-1Designer Arturo Erbsman is no stranger to using transparent liquids as an aesthetic medium in his creations. Erbsman’s Atmos lamp is also designed on the same principals. The lamp uses the condensation of water to diffuse light, casting an airy and dewy effect. It isn’t too often that you’ll spot a lighting solution depending on water to escalate its aesthetics. This is exactly what makes the Atmos a step ahead of the rest!

    atmos-lamp-6The lamp casts a ghostly blue glow on its surroundings, making it the perfect addition to a dimly lit room that requires just a little more ambient lighting. Erbsman’s Atmos portrays the direction product design is taking and the breath-taking aesthetics future concepts will marvel the world with.





    [Via – Designboom]

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