• Art Lebedev launches the avant-garde Sektorus Concept Watch

  • Art Lebedev has always created out-of-the-box designs, be it the Optimus Popularis keyboard, or the Tyrannosaurus shaped heater, Thermosaurus. With the Sektorus concept watch, the task was to realize an idea. The design studio has created a unique watch wherein the body merges with the design. Yes, that’s right – the silicon wristband merges into the body of the watch, which is entirely made of aluminum. Now that’s not all of it.

    There are two wedge displays that show the hours separate from minutes and seconds. The current date shows in a small window. Although the watch is still a concept as of now, we could hope it is available for purchase soon. This is one of those watches you must have!


    Topics: Gadgets Tags: , , on August 6, 2012
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