• 3D printed casts enable ultrasound technology to be used to heal bones

  • 3d-printed-casts-healIt’s common knowledge in the medical world that ultrasound technology can help in the healing of broken bones. The only reason this isn’t used on a large scale today to heal fractures is because of the limitations of conventional plaster-casts. With 3D printing making the waves however, things are about to change. What we’ve got here is a 3D printed cast concept that sports open spaces above the damaged bone area. This enables doctors to fit these web-like casts to ultrasonic devices that would speed the healing process!

    The 3D printed web casts allow ultrasonic pulse generators to be precisely positioned over damaged bones. And that’s not all. The fact that the cast has open spaces helps wearers keep their injured hand clean, since washing the limb is now possible. We’d like to see this concept brought into play real quickly, before we roll out on our skateboards today.





    [Via – Dvice]

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