• 3D interactive shape-changing display is remotely controllable

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    The rise of technology simply never fails to astound us! Take this extremely futuristic development that we spotted recently, hailing from MIT Media Lab, the inFORM Shape Display. This device literally allows you to perform a bunch of physical actions from miles away! Still confused? Simply put, this display somewhat replicates the pins-and-needle art displays that reshape as you place your hands on them. Only this time, the display reshapes while you control it remotely using a Kinect!

    Does the cat need petting while you’re vacationing miles away? No problem! The inFORM Shape Display will allow users to interact from anywhere on the surface of this planet, provided internet access is available. Watch the video to better understand the concept.

    [Via – Geekologie]

    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on November 20, 2013
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