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    Trends in Programming: what is coming up?

    According to several reports, programming started back in 1960 with the establishment of Simula, the first-ever programming language. Up till today, programming is one of the strongest professions of today with the highest pays. Much of the hype around programming … Continue reading

  • The iPhone 8: There’s More Than One Way Home

    Let’s say, for the sake of our argument, you are the sole owner of the only working time machine in existence. Rather than using it for good or evil — like rigging the election so Donald Trump was never elected, … Continue reading

    Bugatti Chronos concept smartphone, stylish and loaded with specs!

    Superfast luxury cars are the first thing we think of when we hear Bugatti, although recently a blog named “Designed by Hege” has released concept design of Bugatti’s smartphone. The concept Bugatti Chronos smartphone would include a 5.5-inch IPS LCD … Continue reading

    Tech Gadgets Every Designer Would Love To Have

    Being a designer means keeping ahead of the game with new technology, whether it’s for work or a better lifestyle. CES 2016 has only just been and gone, so we’re keeping an eye out for all of the new innovations … Continue reading

    Why this iPhone 7 concept keeps showing up on the Internet

    While many Internet funny sites showcased the iPhone’s evolution as one that contributed only to the size of the device, not many envisioned a concept that would be as radical as this one. This concept iPhone 7 is something that … Continue reading

    Philips PowerPouch DLP7003 iPhone charger doubles up as a sheath

    While your iPhone enjoys being the most excitable and well-treated gizmo in your tech collage, it is also necessary to keep it powered up and protected at all times. The Philips PowerPouch DLP7003 iPhone charger, which is basically a power … Continue reading

    Kurv Guitar is like playing the air guitar with actual sound

    The Kurv Guitar is basically a stringless electric guitar. While it does well to cut the volume of space that a real guitar takes as well as the calluses caused by tabbing strings, this one also contributes in the learning … Continue reading

    This iPhone 7 concept sees off the 3.5 mm jack

    While we’re contemplating what features the iPhone 7 could bring and drop, designer Eric Huismann has visualized one concept that completely does away with the 3.5 mm jack. Instead, he hopes for a world where iPhone users will be entertained … Continue reading

    The ultimate workstation for your iPad and iPhone accommodates everything

    Apple sure gives you technology solutions in a number of shapes and sizes. So, it isn’t surprising if you have a work desk that has done away with the erstwhile clunky laptop and replaced it with a sleek new iPad. … Continue reading

    Flore wearable glucometer also monitors daily activities of diabetics

    In what could be a revolutionary attempt to enhance the lives of diabetics, this amazing wearable device could be just the answer. Flore is a wearable device that performs multiple functions that not only keep a check on the glucose … Continue reading

    Visuscout 100 retina diagnosis monitor is highly portable, convenient to use

    Retina scanning wasn’t any less cumbersome than a trip to an ophthalmologist’s office. Thankfully, we have a solution that not only simplifies the process of retina scanning but also makes it incredibly convenient. All thanks to the Visuscout 100 retinal … Continue reading

    Apple Radio comes with two 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound speakers

    Apple have set the benchmark for design innovation and there’s no doubting that they’re leading the charge when it comes to enhancing quality of products through good looks and design. This astonishingly ‘Apple’ Radio device is testimony to this fact. … Continue reading

    Yonos Smart Lamp is an overdose of utility

    Lamps should generally do more than offer light. That’s why we have lamps such as the Yonos Smart Lamp that come rigged with features and accessories that extend beyond the usual lighting. The lamp offers everything from mobile charging to … Continue reading

    Nike Cooling Hood simulates water being poured on your head

    Nike, in collaboration with US Olympic Champion Ashton Eaton, have devised a cooling hood for athletes. It manages to retain cool water and offers gradual cooling to the head. This can greatly contribute to quick recovery after between events and … Continue reading

    Solar phone charger looks like a Japanese Ginkgo tree

    The analogy is right on target and it could get any more realistic than this one. The Solar phone charger we have here represents a tree, albeit a special tree of the like of the Japanese Ginkgo Tree, but a … Continue reading

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