• The Tuttomio chair offers complete privacy with a swivel design

  • swivel-chair-1Finding a place of privacy in an overcrowded world isn’t easy. Structures like the Tuttomio chair however make life easier! Designed by Italian designer Emanuele Magini, this chair literally turns into a full-fledged work space with complete privacy, as and when a user wishes! The Tuttomio chair sports a swivel-design that quickly enables the entire contraption to turn into a private workstation. Here, users can work, read and catch a few private moments, away from the hustle and bustle elsewhere.

    The Tuttomio chair is well-designed and great to look at, adding to a room’s aesthetic value. The chair uses two compartments, one inside the other. The inner compartment swivels around to turn the chair into a cocoon-type cubicle. This one’s great for open-plan offices and home workstations and the Tuttomio chair is bound to turn heads if ever mass produced.



    [Via – PSFK]

    Topics: Furniture Tags: on June 14, 2014
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